Electronic Point of Sale

Jazz Gaming Services has developed our own EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) platform for land-based casino or Kiosk locations. This software is flexible and easy to use for both clients and your staff.

Some of the most valuable and customizable features for our software include the option to offer just sports, just racing, live wagering or all products at once. Jurisdictions in which the taxation is required for you sales or your customerĀ“s winnings will not be an issue with our back-end software, just let us know the tax percentage and the system will do the rest. Upload your own logo, define your own ticket header and footer are some of the easy to use features included in the offer.

Jazz Gaming Solutions takes very seriously the numbers, at the end everything must add up. We have developed real time reports that can be used to see where you stand at any given time and make sure that you are maximizing your profits. You will be able to personalize the software to create profiles with maximum and minimum wagers, which sports you want to take action on and if you wish to limit your liability, we can add maximum payouts in sports or horses. In addition to our EPOS software we have created alternative products which will allow you to maximize your space and increase the sports your clients can wager on as well as give them a platform to make wagers on the latest trend in sports betting Live In-Play Wagering.

If you are looking to add a sports betting location to your casino or bar location then check out our product or give our sales consultant a call and we will be happy to set up a demo for you.